Stem cells -The key to future therapies


(1) To be an established centre of reference and collaboration for promoting multi-disciplinary stem cell research activities by engaging with established researchers and developing young research talents with local and international collaborative support and networks.

(2) To provide opportunities for the translation of basic stem cell research findings into clinical applications and improvement in the quality of healthcare in Malaysia and aboard.



(1) To identify and develop current and emerging stem cell based scientific skills and competencies among young talents through co-engagement and collaboration with strategic partners from both commercial and research institutions, locally and internationally.

(2) To promote regenerative science applications and activities through the development of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) disease models, targeted cell and non-cell based therapy with emphasis on personalized medical approaches for better public healthcare and wellness.                            

Research areas


Projects/Research Clusters



Cellular and Exosomal miRNA profiling platforms with bioinformatic/big data and AI support of Cancer Stem Cells (CSC) models and cancer management

Cancer Biomarker for Personalised Drug Therapy and Cancer Management


Development and studies on induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) and Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) derived Exosomes in cell-cell communication.

Non-cell based stem cell therapy for cancer treatment and regenerative medicine


Development and studies on MSC therapy for repair of tissue injury

Regenerative Medicine and Cell Based Therapy


Development and studies of iPSC and iPSC derived MSC for regenerative medicine and cell therapy


Establishment of disease iPSC cell models and their differentiated state for Cancer Progression Studies and Drug Therapy

Stem cell disease models for Leukemia, Oral cancer, Blood and Bone cancer


Development of iPSC derived Organoids

3D cell models for Drug testing and disease model studies for Leukemia, Oral cancer, Blood and Bone cancer