Name of External Collaborating Party Activities Conducted with Collaboratoring Party
Areas of Collaboration  Duration of Collaboration  

Prof Dr Chong Ku-Wit
(Chang Gung University, Taiwan)
ICP Visit and Conference Stem Cell Research  2018-2020
Prof Chiou Shih-Hwa
PhD Dual Degree Program
Stem Cell and Cancer Research 

Dr Angela Ng Min Hui

Student attachment and
iPSC Worskhop
iPSC research 2019 onwards
Prof Dr Chua Chee Wai
(Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine)

Seminar, workshop Stem cell and organoid  2019 onwards
Prof Nanthini

Research Tissue Engineering 2018 onwards
Dr Alan Khoo Soo Beng &
 Dr Susan Hoe
Research  Stem cell and cell isolation  2020 onwards